Affordable Art from Look Beyond

smoking dogA few months ago, I signed up a new client, Look Beyond Art Gallery.  They sell unique and affordable art out of their Miami Beach shop and online.  Their vast collection includes whimsical sculptures, pop-art paintings, furniture such as tables and chairs, and ceramic pieces.

Thierry Dufloo, founder of the gallery, is well-known throughout Europe for his framing shops.  You can read more about him here on his art blog.  He opened Look Beyond last year and already has plans to start selling framing services once again, here in Miami.  This is a logical next step as you can purchase and have your art framed at the same place.

What really sets Look Beyond apart is their approach: art everyone can enjoy at reasonable prices.  You’ll find pieces starting under $20 such as small prints as well as cool sculptures for less than $100.  There are also a variety of iconic celebrity paintings for less than $30.

If you haven’t already, stop by the gallery or visit them online:

Look Beyond Art Gallery
1427 Washington Ave
Miami Beach, FL 33139

The gallery is open 7 days and has extensive hours so you’ll never miss an opportunity to see their collection.

Hold your SEO Company Accountable

By Bryan Wisotsky

Today if you have a website, your undoubtedly bombarded by offers from SEO companies peddling SEO services.  Most offer fast results with a minimal investment, and certainly for less than your paying.

SEO is like dining out, there’s always going to be a $10.99 special somewhere, but would you rather have chuck or prime beef?

One way to make sure you are receiving fair service is to ask for reports.  If your rankings are improving, surely there’s some way to track that.  Increases in traffic to your site are also trackable.  In any event, you should expect proof of results.