Why Don’t I Rank in Google

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I’m often asked by clients and potential clients, “Why don’t I rank in Google?”.  It’s a difficult question to answer, because there are so many contributing factors.  Also, if a keyword is especially competitive, it can be challenging to beat out other websites for the top spot in Google search results.

Here are some things one can do to rank in Google:

1) Optimize your site for important keywords

2) Create specific content pages for keyword you’d like to rank for

3) Post blogs on keyword/topic ranking is desired for

4) Build links for the keywords

In essence, Google will be checking the internet (other websites) and your site for relevant keywords and content which in turn controls your rankings.

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Google Plus is Key for SEO

Google Plus


Google recently announced that it will rank sites with Google + higher than ones without it. That means your site’s rankings could be affected if you don’t install the Google + button. Make sure not to include it on any “promotions” pages.

If you don’t have Google +, be sure to add it to your site.  Also, you’ll want to optimize your profile by including a link to your website and some posts with links to your site as well.