seo in miamiThere’s so much discussion about SEO. But what exactly is SEO? What is optimization?

Basically, SEO or search engine optimization is enhancing a website to be found by search engines, predominantly Google, for various keyphrase searches.

For example, if you are a doctor in Miami, you might want to rank in Google for “doctor Miami” or “general md Miami”. Assuming you have a website, building links, posting relevant content, and blogging about medicine, would help you rank in Google for the keyphrases I mentioned.

Imagine Google is like a tourist trying to choose a restaurant for dinner. He or she might check out Zagat’s, ask a hotel concierge for a recommendation, or read a restaurant guide in a newspaper. The more positive reviews or information the tourist finds, the more likely it is to select a specific restaurant.

That’s SEO in a nutshell — convincing Google your website is relevant to whatever is being searched for online.

SEO if done properly, should make it possible for internet users to find your business.

Using the latest techniques, we can help improve your SEO in Miami, help your business improve its online visibility, and rank in Google and other search engines.