Which SEO Services Do I Need?

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Everyone realizes at some point their website isn’t going to fair well in Google without SEO.

Once you have identified you need SEO for your website, you’ll need to determine which services you need. Is the on-site SEO sufficient? Do you need link building to improve rankings? How’s your social media presence? Do you have Google Plus?

There are different needs you may have. And after a thorough analysis of your site and rankings, we can tailor a package for you. There are proven methods which can improve your rankings; it’s simply a question of what your website needs to rank in Google.

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Don’t Over Optimize your Website

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Ever since Google released its latest algorithm update, the web has been buzzing with info about over optimization. But what exactly does that mean?

Simply put the days of keyword-stuffing and link farming are officially over. If you have a bunch of sites in your repertoire don’t use them to link to each other for rankings. Also, keep your URL’s short and your meta tags an appropriate length. Google might penalize you with lower rankings or worse yet de-index our site.

There are a number of free, link directories that can help your site rank.  Take a minute and do a search.

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Top 5 Things Your Website Needs for SEO


Here’s a list of the top 5 things your site needs to rank well in Google and have great SEO:

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1) Inbound links or backlinks: I can’t emphasize enough how your site has very little chance of ranking without links.  It’s like a popularity contest: the more links you have the more Google likes you.

2) Blog: We all know what a blog is, but why does it matter for SEO?  The reason is strong blog posts, on important or interesting topics, drives traffic to your site.

3) Strong Content: Articles about your industry have a similar effect to blogs. Also important, are good pages on the services or products you offer.

4) Meta Tags: There’s still some debate on this, but at a minimum, each page of your site should have a unique, relevant Title and Description.

5) Directory Listings: There are so many FREE sites which your business can be listed on. Look to sites like Yelp, Yahoo, Google, and LinkedIn. These help potential consumers locate your business.

I can guarantee that if you implement these changes, and really do it well, that you will see amazing results. SEO is not easy, but these tips can make the challenge a bit easier.

Google Adwords: Worth the Money?

Google Adwords


Is it worth signing up for Google Adwords also known as pay-per-click (PPC)? The short answer is yes. There’s no faster way to get good traffic to your site that can lead to conversions. As long as the campaign you setup is well-targeted, the keywords are strong, and you use multiple ads that lead to strong landing pages, PPC is great.

So what’s the downside? Adwords can be quite costly and doesn’t always create that many customers for you. Moreover, if your site is well-optimized and there are strong inbound links to your site, ideally you don’t need it.

I recommend a trial period. Test out PPC for a few months and see how it works for you.

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Hold your SEO Company Accountable

By Bryan Wisotsky

Today if you have a website, your undoubtedly bombarded by offers from SEO companies peddling SEO services.  Most offer fast results with a minimal investment, and certainly for less than your paying.

SEO is like dining out, there’s always going to be a $10.99 special somewhere, but would you rather have chuck or prime beef?

One way to make sure you are receiving fair service is to ask for reports.  If your rankings are improving, surely there’s some way to track that.  Increases in traffic to your site are also trackable.  In any event, you should expect proof of results.