PPC Account Suspension: Not a Huge Hurdle

I was recently contacted by a prospective client who had his AdWords account suspended.  He had approached a few different companies who advertise that they can do the following:

1) Determine why the account was suspended

2) Help to reinstate/unsuspend  the account

But I have a lot of experience managing accounts, and I can tell you it’s really not that complicated to call Google and have the account fixed.  Half the time it’s a simple change to the ad.  The other half it’s a small issue with the landing page.  But either way it’s not so difficult to correct your issues with AdWords.

I already made a call to Google for this client, and I can guarantee that shortly the account will be reinstated.  So before you spend thousands of dollars having some experts unsuspend your account, send me an e-mail and we can work it out.