Current State of SEO

SEO techniques

There have been so many changes recently to SEO as we know it.  From Panda and Penguin updates to Google search algorithm to exact domain search changes, SEO just isn’t what it use to be.

But fear not.  There is still hope.  So what to do?  Focus on strong, unique content.  Build natural links from high quality sites, and avoid over optimizing your site.  It’s sort of a shift back to 90’s style optimization.

Google is hoping to follow through on it’s original goal of 16 years ago: produce, the most relevant search results possible.  That means indexing, crawling and checking sites for the best content.  So ultimately, it’s your job to convince the spiders that your site has that content.

It takes time, but by blogging, creating good content pages, having press releases written, using social media, etc., these goals can be accomplished.