PPC Account Suspension: Not a Huge Hurdle

I was recently contacted by a prospective client who had his AdWords account suspended.  He had approached a few different companies who advertise that they can do the following:

1) Determine why the account was suspended

2) Help to reinstate/unsuspend  the account

I’m not claiming to be a PPC guru by any means.  But I do have a lot of experience managing accounts, and I can tell you it’s really not that complicated to call Google and have the account fixed.  Half the time it’s a simple change to the ad.  The other half it’s a small issue with the landing page.  But either way it’s not so difficult to correct your issues with AdWords.

I already made a call to Google for this client, and I can guarantee that shortly the account will be reinstated.  So before you spend thousands of dollars having some experts unsuspend your account, send me an e-mail and we can work it out.

How to Take Advantage of YouTube



If you’re like millions of others, you probably watch videos on YouTube — and potentially have even uploaded a video of your own on Google’s video sharing website.

YouTube is great for watching movie trailers, music videos, or even a cat dancing. But how does that help your business for SEO and ultimately conversions?  The answer is consumers more than ever want a personal connection with businesses.  If you are a personal trainer, potential clients might enjoy watching a video of you doing workout routines or even explaining a healthy diet plan.

Once videos are uploaded to YouTube, people just sort of stumble upon them, right?  Not exactly.  Something which is inherently popular, Coldplay’s new album, for example, will have a natural following.  But for the average business, posting videos and getting views requires some finesse.

Here are four easy steps to increase your chances of getting views on YouTube:

1) Use the name of your business, location, and subject matter in the title.  

2) Add keywords for your video which are similar to the title but expand a bit

3) Add a link to your website.  Must be full http://www.domain.com format to become a hyperlink.

4) Use strong keywords and provide good information in the videos description

These items listed above will definitely help your videos receive views on YouTube.

Contact Sky SEO Miami today for more information.

Blogging: Is it Really Good for SEO?


By Bryan Wisotsky

Does blogging really improve SEO rankings for your website?  Is it worth taking that time and putting in the effort?  The answer is a resounding “YES”.

So why is blogging important?  The reason is simple: Google is more likely to crawl or index a site that is constantly being updated.  If your website has no new, fresh content, it’s unlikely to be indexed regularly by Google.  More importantly, you increase the likelihood of driving traffic to your website because of posts which are added.

If you are planning a website, or have one already, make sure to include a blog iwht relevant posts.