5 Ways to Maximize Content

Content Writing Tips

Content is king.  If you’ve read any SEO posts recently, you’ll see a lot of buzz surrounding content marketing and quality articles and blogs.  It’s clear that strong content drives traffic to your site.  This begs a few questions such as “what should I write about?” and “where should I post the content?”.

Here are 5 ways you can maximize your content for SEO, traffic, and rankings:

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Top 5 Things Your Website Needs for SEO


Here’s a list of the top 5 things your site needs to rank well in Google and have great SEO:

SEO Tips

1) Inbound links or backlinks: I can’t emphasize enough how your site has very little chance of ranking without links.  It’s like a popularity contest: the more links you have the more Google likes you.

2) Blog: We all know what a blog is, but why does it matter for SEO?  The reason is strong blog posts, on important or interesting topics, drives traffic to your site.

3) Strong Content: Articles about your industry have a similar effect to blogs. Also important, are good pages on the services or products you offer.

4) Meta Tags: There’s still some debate on this, but at a minimum, each page of your site should have a unique, relevant Title and Description.

5) Directory Listings: There are so many FREE sites which your business can be listed on. Look to sites like Yelp, Yahoo, Google, and LinkedIn. These help potential consumers locate your business.

I can guarantee that if you implement these changes, and really do it well, that you will see amazing results. SEO is not easy, but these tips can make the challenge a bit easier.

Bye, Bye Yahoo! Site Explorer

Yahoo Site Explorer


Yahoo! Site Explorer has officially merged with Bing Webmaster Tools. This means the day of checking your site’s backlinks or inbound links with Yahoo! are over in essence.  You can opt to install tracking code on your site and use Bing, but I personally found it cumbersome.

It took me a while to understand how Bing’s version works.  But now It seems that Site Explorer was much more user friendly and perhaps more accurate.

Fortunately, there are some other sites that do check backlinks such as Backlink Watch which I find highly effective.  Also, using Google Webmaster Tools you can track inbound links and other data for your site.