Google Plus is Key for SEO

Google Plus


Google recently announced that it will rank sites with Google + higher than ones without it. That means your site’s rankings could be affected if you don’t install the Google + button. Make sure not to include it on any “promotions” pages.

If you don’t have Google +, be sure to add it to your site.  Also, you’ll want to optimize your profile by including a link to your website and some posts with links to your site as well.

Blogging: Is it Really Good for SEO?


By Bryan Wisotsky

Does blogging really improve SEO rankings for your website?  Is it worth taking that time and putting in the effort?  The answer is a resounding “YES”.

So why is blogging important?  The reason is simple: Google is more likely to crawl or index a site that is constantly being updated.  If your website has no new, fresh content, it’s unlikely to be indexed regularly by Google.  More importantly, you increase the likelihood of driving traffic to your website because of posts which are added.

If you are planning a website, or have one already, make sure to include a blog iwht relevant posts.

Hold your SEO Company Accountable

By Bryan Wisotsky

Today if you have a website, your undoubtedly bombarded by offers from SEO companies peddling SEO services.  Most offer fast results with a minimal investment, and certainly for less than your paying.

SEO is like dining out, there’s always going to be a $10.99 special somewhere, but would you rather have chuck or prime beef?

One way to make sure you are receiving fair service is to ask for reports.  If your rankings are improving, surely there’s some way to track that.  Increases in traffic to your site are also trackable.  In any event, you should expect proof of results.

Domain Names

Domain Names

By Bryan Wisotsky

Everything’s in a name.  Yes, SEO takes time and energy, and yes, that usually means coughing up money, but there’s one shortcut that can help your site rank: choosing a good domain name.  That’s to say, choosing a domain name with good keywords can go a long way.  For example, if you are a lawyer in Miami specializing in Appeals, is a great domain name to choose.

After Google indexes your site, it shouldn’t be long before your site ranks for the domain name you’ve chosen.  So while the name isn’t the most important part of your optimization efforts, it’s definitely worth considering.